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Air Conditioning

Although the group is well established in the field of Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, GTS strives to extend its services further in emerging markets of both UAE and Pakistan.

Glaciers Technical Supplies provides services pertinent to air-conditioning, including design, installation and maintenance of central and packaged units. This also includes supply, installation and maintenance for special applications such as AC systems for comfort cooling/heating of multi-storied building and offices, air-conditioned warehouses, hotels, private residences, hospitals, auditoriums and theatres.

GTS aims at catering the needs of both commercial and non-commercial sectors, hence provides following solutions:

• Air conditioned Warehouses.
• Commercial Buildings.

Depending Upon the customer requirements, following solutions are available:

• Package units.
• HVAC and Ducting.
• Floor Mounted units.
• Split Type Air Conditioners.
• Window Type Air Conditioners.
• Water Chillers.
• Water Heaters.
• Cooling Towers.