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Cold Rooms (Turn Key Projects)

Glaciers provide Complete Turnkey Project Solutions for Cold Storage facilities construction requirements with wide variety of cold storage facilities operating in temperature ranges from -40C to +40C.

We provide cold storage solutions for industrial refrigeration and provide genuine solutions for any refrigeration application and industry such as:

• Food Processing
• Pre-Cooling and Freezing Systems
• Beverage Industry
• Slaughterhouses (Meat and Poultry)
• Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes
• Multi-Purpose Cold Storage

We provide full range of services including: Full Site Survey
• Detailed Cold Storage Facility Designing
• Supply of Thermal Insulated Sandwich Panels
• Supply of Refrigeration Equipments and Accessories
• Complete Installation of Cold Rooms
• Commissioning of Cold Storage Facilities
• Maintenance of Cold Storage Facilities

With unlimited capacity, modular panels can be linked together in virtually any combination of widths and lengths. Panels of different widths further increase the possibilities. Our cold store can hold controlled temperatures ranging from -40C to +18C depending on the specifications of the client.


Panels are insulated with 40kgs (other densities also possible) of CFC free polyurethane of approved pre-mixed system, injected by a high pressure mixer, between cladding as per choice of customer and are locked securely together with cam locks with steel hooks. The result is an extremely durable structure with high thermal insulation.

The standard panel 1150-1200 mm approximately and the thickness 50 mm to 200mm. Each single panel length can be up to 13 meters (height).

Cam locks are molded and permanently anchored in the injected rigid CFC free polyurethane foam core during the manufacturing process of sandwich elements. They are tightly joined by a tongue and groove system into a monolithic assembly. Assembly is performed from the interior simply by turning with a hex wrench the locking arm of the cam lock in one panel, which engages the pin in the adjacent panel. The cam lock action drums the two panels tightly together.

Insulated panel thickness and length is according to specifications and drawings.

The tongue and the groove edges assure positive alignments of all elements. GTS modular insulated rooms are easily added to at any future time or taken apart and reassembled in another location.


The following claddings are available:
• Pre-painted Galvanized Steel
• Plastisol (PVC) Coated GI Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Stucco Aluminum

The cladding is precisely formed at edges in “u” shape and has shallow ribs 30 mm wide at 75 mm c.c. (Non-ribbed panels are also available). Wall and corner panels are available in a wide range of heights and designed to partition multi-compartment arrangements.

We can supply industrial type modular cold storage or commercial walk-in cold room facilities with rounded internal wall edges for sanitary purposes. Ceiling and floor panels are of the same width as wall panels and in lengths up to 4 meters. Floor panels will support uniformly distributed load up to 2.5 tons per square meter.

Handcarts, hand tucks and other manually operated handling equipment can be used as the plywood reinforcement distributes the load and protects against impact damage. The plywood can be either marine plywood or water boiled plywood (standard). Where power equipment such as forklifts are used, a minimum 4 inch of reinforcement is poured and reinforced concrete should top the floor over PU slabs.

For large low temperature cold store applications, We recommend and can assist in the design of underground pipe ventilation system to prevent any ice formation, which may accumulate underneath the cold store (to be constructed by the civil contractor). In the case of low temperature applications, we can supply a floor mat heater, as an extra accessory, to place under the cold store floor.

Optional Accessories:

Many accessories are available for cold stores including bumpers, rounded corner profiles, internal or external ramps, hydraulic ramps and many more as per the demand of projects.

Blast-freezers and Blast-Chillers.

Blast-freezers and blast-chillers are used for quick freezing and chilling applications. we design, supplies and install these modules. They are constructed in the same manner as modular cold storage facilities. Blast-freezers can reach temperatures as low as -40C.

Cold Rooms Panels






Panel Insulation

Polyurethane Foam

Over all Density

40 Kg/m3 +/- 2

Foam Closed Cell Structure


Insulation Property, k

0.023 W/m² K

Pre-fabricated, Rigid, Modular 




Panel GI Sheets for cladding

Galvanized Polyester Coated

Epoxy Primer Coating Thickness

6 - 7 Micron

Plastisol Coating Thickness

200 Micron

Panel GI Sheet Thicknesses

0.5 - 0.7 mm

Color Codes

RAL 9002 & RAL 9003

Rib Formation

Ribbed or Non-Ribbed
DIN 4102 Class B3, ASTM D

Fire Hazard Class

1692 and ISO 3582 test B2 classified

Flame Rating

Less than 150 mm within 60 seconds

Plastic Caps for Holes


Silicone Sealant




CAM Spacing


Panel Joints

Tongue & Groove without gas

Corner Panel Type


External Wall to Ceiling Joint Type

Flashing of same sheet as of the panel

Partition Panel Type

Same as the Wall Panels Panel, P.U. Foam Slabs, P.S

Floor Types

Foam Slabs, Plywood or Marine plywood only

Floor Insulation

Polyurethane Foam, Polystyrene Foam

Ceiling Panels Insulation

Same as Wall Panels

Density of Ceiling Panels Insulation

33 Kg/m³