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Commercial Products

GLACIERS TECHNICAL SERVICES is your one-stop source for all of your Consumer Refrigeration needs. We offer Display Chillers, pen Chillers, Upright Chillers & Freezers and the list goes on.

We can supply most models and can often deliver your new equipment in a matter of days. By dealing with GLACIERS TECHNICAL SERVICES you eliminate the designing step which saves you time & money. We do everything possible to insure that you are buying the highest quality equipment, made with the highest quality parts, including many quality approved components. Since we have the experience to deliver and install, we are able to offer top quality solutions at the best prices.

Our sales personnel are refrigeration experts and have been trained in all aspects of refrigeration.

Glaciers Technical Services is providing the following products for Industrial, Commercial and Home applications:

• Display Chillers & Freezers
• Open Chillers & Freezers
• Upright Chillers & Freezers
• Glass Top Freezers
• Glass Door Chillers
• Under counter Refrigerators
• Chest Freezers
• Ice Boxes
• Ice cube makers
• Refrigerated Pizza Preparation Table
• Kitchen Equipments
• Stainless Steel
• Cabinets and Trolleys
• Stainless Steel Shelving
• Aluminum Shelving
• Stainless Steel Meat Hooks