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Docking Systems

We specialize in planning, designing and supply of Loading Dock Systems of world re-known brands manufactured in Italy and Spain. We provide Dock System for:
•Warehouses and Distribution Facilities
•Trailers and Distributions Trucks

DOCK LEVELLER: The choice of dock leveller is normally based on some basic conditions:

Building design, traffic intensity, type of vehicles, bed heights and the handling equipment used for loading and unloading. GTS offers a wide range of dock levellers adapted to the need of the business.

The Dock Levellers are a standard solution in general industry applications and easy to operate. The dock-in process has to be exact because of the defined length of the swing lip. A dock leveller bridges the gap between vehicle and bay, thus eliminating the differences between truck bed and floor.


To enable a safe and efficient process for loading and unloading, the dock leveller connects building with the vehicle. The result is highest safety for the transfer of goods, avoiding injuries to the personal or damages to the equipment. It is a time saving solution securing shortest possible ways in and out of the warehouse. For the optimal working environment it is installed as a part of the complete loading bay consisting of a dock leveller, an overhead sectional door and a dock shelter.

Mode of operation:

The operation of a dock leveller with a steel or aluminum lip is based on an electro hydraulic swinging mechanism which bridges the last centimeters between the building and the vehicle bed. When the dock leveller is raised, the lip swings out and then - when lowered - lays down safely on the lorry bed. After loading or unloading, the leveller is raised again by the push of a button and automatically returns to its parking position, i.e. to ramp level.


A dock shelter is the solution for energy-saving oriented operators. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelter which seals it off giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process. Thus the dock shelter provides improved working conditions and reduces the draught into the building. GTS offers variety of dock shelter programmes that comprise of a number of models, meeting all customer demands and suitable for all vehicles.

Optimal sealing for high demands:

The handling of cooled or frozen food puts high demands on the temperature chain. The Inflatable Shelter provides optimal sealing of temperature controlled premises during the loading and unloading process. Contrary to other types of dock shelters, the vehicle dos not push towards the shelter. Instead, the shelter is inflated around the docked vehicle, providing complete sealing. It is suitable for most vehicle sizes and the sealing capacity exceeds by far the standard normally required by operators.

Unbroken cold chain:

The food industry puts high demands on loading bay sealing in order to keep the cold chain as intact as possible. The dock shelter must provide continuous weather protection throughout the entire loading and unloading operation. Like a glove, an Inflatable Shelter tightens around the vehicle, preventing air inlet, thus customer demands are fulfilled! In rest position, the Inflatable Shelter is completely retracted behind the side structures, giving the vehicle driver the possibility to use the complete width of the loading bay when reversing into it. In addition, stable collision protectors at the ramp height prevent shelter damages.

Insulated top and side panels:

The Inflatable Shelter is installed into a frame construction covered by insulated panels, giving additional insulation effects. The design facilitates easy and fast component exchange, should this be needed.