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Doors and Accessories

We provide all type of insulated Doors and Door accessories whereas we also can provide as per choice of polyurethane insulated doors in different thicknesses and applications. Choice of CFC free polyurethane insulated doors available in different thickness and applications they can be either hinged or sliding (manual or electric).

All types of doors are equipped with standard high quality fittings and accessories such as safety release handles, heater wires, gaskets, aluminum or stainless steel railing etc.

• Electrical Operated Sliding Doors
• Manual Sliding Doors
• Hinged Doors
• Overhead Sectional Doors
• Roller Shutters
• High Speed Rollup Doors
• Folding Doors
• Traffic swing type doors with glass port hole
• Sectional doors & many more
• Door handle, hinges, frames, gaskets, etc

Hinged doors can either be single leaf or double leaf and overlapping or flush and always open outwards in either left or right direction (as per client?s requirements). The sliding door is usually used for situations, which require larger door openings. It opens and closes with a minimum of effort and is available in either a left or right hand slide. Electric sliding doors can also be supplied by GTS. Available in either bi-parting or single door models, all doors are supplied with high quality hardware from the USA or Europe.

A retrofit reach in door can also be supplied. Retrofit reach-in doors are required for maximum flexibility of door location. If door location is in one panel, the door can be factory installed. If the door location involves two panels, the hole is size cut.

The standard door width is 90 x 190 cms and insulated with 40kgs of CFC free polyurethane.

Other features include:

• Durable hardware and attractive hinges and handles built for years of trouble-free usage.
• Interior glow in the dark safety release handle to prevent entrapment inside cold storage.
• Doorframe heater wire.

Optional accessories include:

• Interior or exterior ramps manufactured according to client?s requirements.
• Display thermal glass
• Shelving
• Magnetic gaskets (self closing doors)
• Hydraulic door closers (self-closing doors)
• Traffic / Swing Doors
• Controlled atmosphere doors

Pressure Relief Ports

Pressure relief ports are provided to equalize the difference of pressure between the interior and exterior caused by sudden temperature change due to opening of doors, loading of products and defrosting of coils.