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Refrigeration Equipments

Dedicated, Professional and Experienced Design and Estimating Team of Engineers are well prepared to offer and select the most appropriate refrigeration system for any specific refrigeration requirement for maximum performance and efficiency.

We offer wide range of refrigeration equipments to select for any specific requirement . We supply and install branded refrigeration equipments for freezer and Chiller applications that are chosen for their proven consistency and efficiency based on the client requirements that includes:

• Condensing Units
• Evaporators & Air Coolers
• Mono-Block Units
• Power Packs
• Rack System
• Blast Freezers
• Ammonia Plants

Refrigeration equipments are sourced from Leading brands such as:

• Bitzer
• Copeland
• Carrier
• Frigabohn
• Maneurop
• Guntner
• Alpha Laval
• Basetec
• MyCom
• York
• Grasso

The refrigeration systems are designed to offer: Increased Efficiency Reduced Operational Cost Ease of Service and Installation Better Value for Money