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Rock Wool

We provide following products of wool:

• Loose Wool T/SO.
• Wire Mesh On Both Sides T/R20D.
• Rockwool pipe covers.
• Spray Polyurethane Roof Insulation.


Loose Wool T/SO is a thermal Insulation used for Boilers, Industrial Ovens, filling double walls, cavities, and Car Mufflers. It can also be used for low temperature insulation.

It is obtained from melting and then fiberizing of minerals through centrifugal processing reaching diameters of 6 +/- 2 microns with a length of 60 +/- 10 millimeters.

GTS supplies loose wool in standard weights of 15 or 20 Kg filled in Polyethelene bags.


These are the most temperature resistant of range of insulated Blankets available in market. Thee Blankets are totally incombustible and can withstand temperatures of over 750oC. Along with excellent Thermal Insulation properties, it also provides valuable fire protection.

Its usage also helps in reducing the noise emissions from pipes and vessels to which it is wrapped. T/R20D with wire mesh facing on both sides is the most vibration resistant among all. These Blankets are recommended as Industrial Insulation in Chemical industry, etro-Chemical industry, Power Generating plants, Fertilizer industry, Sugar industry, Cement industry, all types of boilers, and high temperature vessels. This product is in compliance with ASTM. C592 Class 1 and 2 and BS 3958: Part 3: 1985 international standards.


The Rock Wool Pipe Covers are rigid, strong, preformed, specially impregnated insulation units. Each section is split for easy & snap on application. These pipe sections are suitable for steam and process pipe work operating at temperatures up to 750oC (1400oF), with a maximum outer diameter of the insulation of 324 mm. It can also be used in central heating and air-conditioning systems with aluminum Foil Covering). The high water-repellent characteristics make it extremely suitable for application in conditions where water can penetrate the insulation system as in local heating systems.

GTS supplies this product with nominal density range of 90-100 Kg/M³ which depends on desired dimensions.


GTS Spray Polyurethane is the best Roof Insulation product available in Pakistan. Over 80% of buildings built after 1990 in Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Hot Regions of USA have had their roof insulated with Spray Polyurethane. In fact Polyurethane is the same insulation material that insulates your Home Refrigerators and Deep Freezers. The use of Polyurethane reduces the Conduction of heat through Roof and considerably reduces the temperature within the building. If the building is Air Conditioned then it leads to considerable reduction of Electricity Bill and you recover your investment in no time.

GTS supplies this type of insulation for almost all types of Roof. As the weight of this foam is only 110 grams per sq.ft, it imposes practically no structural stress. It is suitable for:

• New RCC Roofs.
• Old RCC Roofs.
• Industrial Double Tee Roofs.
• Industrial Inverted Beams Roofs.
• Industrial Shell Roofs.
• Corrugated Steel/Asbestos Roofs.

Your roof remains perfectly usable after Polyurethane insulation especially if screeding is applied as the top protective coat. Further construction can be carried out on roof leaving Polyurethane as it is. Provided a proper top cover is in place, the Polyurethane is guaranteed for life !